Following Ban Ki-Moon's report in 2009, the UN Secretary-General has released an annual report on the R2P principle.

2023: Development and the responsibility to protect: recognizing and addressing embedded risks and drivers of atrocity crimes (PDF, 282KB).

2022: Responsibility to protect: prioritizing children and young people (PDF, 356KB).

2021: Advancing atrocity prevention: work of the Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect (PDF, 301KB). 

2020: Prioritising prevention and strengthening response: women and the responsibility to protect (PDF, 299KB).

2019: Responsibility to protect: Lessons Learned for Prevention (PDF, 248KB).

2018: Responsibility to protect: from early warning to early action (PDF, 426KB).

2017: Implementing the Responsibility to Protect: Accountability for Prevention (PDF, 243KB).

2016: Mobilizing collective action: the next decade of the responsibility to protect (PDF, 308KB).

2015: A vital and enduring commitment: Implementing the responsibility to protect (PDF, 363KB).

2014: Fulfilling our collective responsibility: international assistance and the responsibility to protect (PDF, 299KB).

2013: Responsibility to protect: State responsibility and prevention (PDF, 87KB).

2012: Responsibility to protect: timely and decisive response (PDF, 84KB).

2011: The role of regional and sub-regional arrangements in implementing the responsbility to protect (PDF, 70KB).

2010: Early warning, assessment and the responsibility to protect (PDF, 67KB).

2009: The inaugural Secretary-General report on R2P, entitled 'Implementing the responsibility to protect', can be found on the Core R2P Documents page.