The Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect at the University of Queensland is working closely with young leaders to foster a commitment to R2P among the region’s youth. Want to be involved? Email us here:

Youth leaders' forums

We have established regional youth networks which meet in person at forums specifically dedicated to raising awareness of, and embedding, atrocity prevention and R2P in the YPS and human rights fields. These forums provide opportunities for young people working in atrocity prevention to share ideas and opportunities, meet others working in similar fields, and identify priorities for young people in relation to the prevention of atrocity crime. 

In August 2018, the "Young Leaders Summit on Strengthening Atrocity Prevention in the Asia Pacific" was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Participants developed a Statement of Commitment (PDF, 175KB), pledging to support the implementation of R2P in the Asia Pacific region, and to establish a network of youth leaders for R2P. Further information about this inaugural event can be found in the Spotlight article (Issue 47, September 2018) on the Spotlights on R2P page.

The 2019 Youth Forum held in Jakarta, Indonesia, provided opportunities for young leaders to expand their networks, hear from other young leaders in the YPS area of the United Nations, and workshop the unique youth perspectives and approaches to R2P. The Spotlight report is here (PDF, 10.7MB).

As a result of this forum, the YCGAP was formed to drive the agenda forward.

Social media

The Centre runs a Facebook page Youth and Atrocity Prevention which is open to all and provides links to opportunities, events, new developments in the YPS and R2P areas. Like the page here.

Student Coalition on R2P

The Centre supports the Student Coalition on R2P at the University of Queensland. To learn more or to join, see here.

We are working with other universities in the region to establish Student Coalitions on R2P. If you are interested in setting up a coalition at your campus, please get in touch with us at