Myanmar and the Responsibility to Protect

30 Apr 2021

This paper identifies a set of recommendations on how stakeholders should respond to the ongoing crisis in Myanmar from the lens of the Responsibility to Protect.

Notwithstanding the 5-point consensus adopted during the ASEAN leaders’ meeting held on 24 April in Jakarta, which among others, called on the Tatmadaw chief to stop the violence, the risk of further atrocity crimes remains very high. In fact, a couple of days after the ASEAN meeting, four more people were reportedly killed in Myanmar by security forces, bringing the total to 753 deaths since the coup on 1 February.

At this point, it is not clear what ASEAN is willing and able to do if the junta fails to comply with the 5-point agreement. On 27 April, the State Administrative Council chief announced that the junta will give careful consideration of the 5-point consensus agreement once political stability in Myanmar has been restored.  

The report can be downloaded from our APR2P Reports page, or from the Myanmar (Burma) section on The Responsibility to Protect in the Asia Pacific page, along with other publications by the Centre dealing with the situation in Myanmar.