New Training Package on Gender and Preventing Violent Extremism in Asia

5 Aug 2021

Deputy-Director of APR2P Dr Sarah Teitt and APR2P PhD Researcher Luisa Ryan have authored a new training package that educates on the importance of gender in preventing violent extremism in Asia.

Launched by UN Women, the training package was developed in consultation with regional civil society organisations and co-authored alongside colleagues Simon Bronitt, Michelle Dunn, David Duriesmith, Behnaz Zarrabi, Lauren Vogel and Shannon Zimmerman to better align the work of civil society and women's organisations to the broader Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda of the UN.

The training is designed to increase the knowledge about the critical role gender can play in understanding, addressing and preventing violent extremism for users who work directly with communities on the ground.

It leverages the expertise these local practitioners posses and provides a solid framework to develop training activities related to preventing violence against women.

The training package is designed for use within the Asia region, and specifically by those in Bangladesh and Indonesia. 

The Participant Workbook and Facilitator Notes can be downloaded and viewed from our APR2P Reports page.