New Spotlights on R2P

26 Apr 2023

APR2P today releases a series of new Spotlight articles detailing events and research on atrocity prevention with our partners in the region.

The first recounts a seminar on gender and transitional justice, in collaboration with Ateneo De Manila University in the Philippines and the Spanish Agency for International Developmental Cooperation.

Two more recount national dialogues on atrocity prevention the Centre has co-hosted with in-country partners. The two dialogues in Thailand and Japan featured hybrid sessions with speakers from government and academia.

Lastly, a new Spotlight article details a project by APR2P partner the Centre for Security and International Studies. Called the National Collective Violence for Early Warning Dataset, it monitors cases of organised violence in Indonesia to better stop and prevent instances of violence morphing into atrocity crimes.

All these Spotlight articles can be viewed on our Spotlights on R2P page, along with other issues the Centre has published.