The Asia Pacific Partnership for Atrocity Prevention (APPAP)

Motivated by the shared vision of a region that protects its own people from atrocities, the APPAP is an alliance of organisations which aims to support the prevention of atrocity crimes and the protection of vulnerable populations within the Asia Pacific. By facilitating cooperation between like-minded organisations it aims to develop coherent and comprehensive plans to prevent atrocities, mobilising the capacities of local, regional and global actors.

The initiative aims to advance the shared goal of making atrocity prevention a lived reality across the enitre Asia Pacific region.

Administered by a Secretariat provided by the Centre, the APPAP will host activities promoting dialogue and collaboration in areas such as ealry warning and risk assessment, mediation, policy analysis and development for prevention, training and education, capacity building for prevention, and engagement with UN member states and partners.

APPAP is an Asia Pacific focused partnership. Membership is open to non-governmental organisations that promote the prevention of atrocity crimes and governments that have appointed national R2P Focal Points.

More information can be found on APPAP's website.