Climate Change and Atrocity Prevention

Climate change and its effects is perhaps the most defining issue of our time. It has and will continue to have lasting environmental, social, economic and political consequences that will change the way humanity lives now and into the future. Asia Pacific countries, especially small island nations in the Pacific, are very much on the frontline of this change and the consequences it will bring.

APR2P is undertaking research into the effects of environmental and climatic change on atrocity crime risk in the Asia Pacific. It is a nascent research area that will hopefully gain traction in the coming months and years, and thus contribute to humanity's understanding of the effects of both climate change and atrocity crimes.

The Centre's first contribution to this research area analyses the effects of climate change on Pacific nations, particularly Fiji and Papua New Guinea, and how the phenomenon may increase the likelihood of atrocity crimes occurring in these countries.

Climate Change and Atrocity Crimes: The Challenge in the Pacific (PDF, 1.6MB).