About APPAP/APR2P Online Training Course: Hate Speech and Incitement to Violence

APPAP, in partnership with APR2P, presents a landmark online training course on hate speech and incitement, and the roles they play in the commission of atrocity crimes. 

Join us throughout November to hear from experts from APPAP, the UN, and around the world as they discuss a variety of topics regarding hate speech and incitement and how best to curb its spread.

Each session is one part seminar and one part workshop, where participants are encouraged to interact with each other and discuss their own views and positions on this important topic. 

The course will take place over the following dates:

2 November: What is Hate Speech?

3 November: The Debate Between Hate Speech and Freedom of Speech

9 November: Hate Speech in the Asia Pacific

10 November: COVID-19 and Hate Speech

16 November: Facebook, Social Media, and Hate Speech in the Asia Pacific

17 November: Hate Speech and the UN

23 November: R2P, Atrocity Prevention, and Hate Speech

24 November: Identity-based Violence and Best Practice Approaches to Preventing Hate Speech

Registration for this event is through Eventbrite, and the course itself will take place over The University of Queensland's Zoom facilities. Once registered, particpants will be emailed background readings and links to the Zoom meetings.