The United Nations, R2P and Atrocity Prevention

In instances of dire threats to international peace and security, the UN Security Council holds the primary responsibility to rally the international community and ensure the cessation of hostilities and prevent further outbreaks of violence. Yet all too often, the Security Council is unable to effectively act on this responsibility due to the veto power of its five permanent members. Situations in Syria, Myanmar, Ukraine and elsewhere, which have seen the commission of atrocity crimes, are testament to this ineffectiveness.

In 2021, APR2P along with its partners launched a guidance document entitled The Powers of the UN General Assembly in International Law to Prevent and Respond to Atrocity Crimes. This document provides a guide to member States of the General Assembly on how to utilise the powers available to them in responding to atrocity crimes when the Security Council fails to do so.

That guidance document, along with associated work on the role of UN General Assembly in preventing and responding to atrocity crimes, can be found below.

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