At the 2019 forum, a small group of advocates was founded to proactively lead the work of the network. Current members of the YCGAP are:

  • Vierna Tasya Wensatama, Indonesia
  • Wike Devi Erianti, Indonesia
  • Md. Mofaq Kharul Islam, Bangladesh
  • Toh Nyon Nyin, Malaysia
  • Karishma Kaajal Kumar, Fiji
  • Md. Adnan Mashruzzaman, Bangladesh
  • Lway Hlar Reang, Myanmar
  • Gaia Michelle Benjamin, The Philippines

The YCGAP has a Strategic Statement for 2020-21 which can be viewed here (PDF, 542KB).

Current Projects

YCGAP members are currently developing country-specific consultation projects to engage with youth stakeholders on key priorities for young people in relation to human rights and peacebuilding, with a view to raise awareness of the frameworks of R2P and atrocity prevention.