In 2014, the High Level Advisory Panel on the Responsibility to Protect in South East Asia recommended that the region’s young leaders be engaged in atrocity prevention work. See the report here (PDF, 1.5MB).

The importance of young people’s voices in the peace and security space has been increasingly recognised over recent years. UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (2015) recognised “the importance of youth as agents of change in the maintenance and promotion of peace and security.” Five pillars were identified for action in relation to youth contributions to peacebuilding: Participation, Partnerships, Prevention, Protection and Disengagement, and Re-integration.

In June 2018, the Security Council adopted Resolution 2419 calling for increased representation of young people in the development and implementation of peace agreements and other aspects of peace processes such as disarmament, community violence reduction programmes, and countering violent extremism and terrorism.

In July 2020, UN Security Council Resolution 2535 was passed, highlighting the role of youth in preventing and resolving conflict, and in building peace. The resolution encourages Member States to include young people in decision-making processes.

APR2P is supporting a series of projects and workshops aimed at equipping youth with the effective knowledge and skills for atrocity prevention and peacebuilding. 

Hate Speech and Youth Project

Between February and April 2022, APPAP partner Research Initiatives Bangladesh conducted Participatory Action Research with Rakhine and Borua Buddhist communities in Cox's Bazar to counter hate speech.

The project involved young people discussing ways in which hate speech had impacted their lives through discrimination of race and religion. After the project, participants had improved their capacity identify, address and solve social problems affecting youth, and could apply their skills in other areas.

Details on the project can be found in the Spotlight article here (PDF, 1.3MB).

Malaysia Youth Project

YCGAP member Nyon Nyin Toh led a youth-focused project through APPAP member Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) about hate speech and atrocity prevention. The project aimed to empower Malaysian youth to counter hate speech and discrimination through workshops and training course. The project created two Instagram campaigns advocating for the prevention of hate speech and the promotion of human rights. 

More information about the project can be found reading the Spotlight article, here (PDF, 480KB). 

Youth-Led Community Based Prevention in Bangladesh

The Centre for Peace and Justice at BRAC University, in partnership with APR2P, launched a project to uncover young people's knowledge and attitudes to atrocity prevention in Bangladesh. 

Through focus group sessions and interviews with key academics, youth leaders and researchers, the project built a comprehensive body of evidence of attitudes towards atrocity crimes in Bangladesh.

To read more about the project, read the Spotlight article here (PDF, 1.6MB).


In 2021, APR2P supported the youth-led #BagikanDenganBenar (#ShareItRight) project in Indonesia. This 'virtual academy' consisted of several online workshops designed for youth to recognise and advocate against hate speech on social media platforms. With practicality in mind, the participants designed mini-projects based on the knowledge attained through the workshops, which deepened their understanding of hate speech and engagement of stakeholders through social media.

More information can be found on the project in the Spotlight article, here (PDF, 279KB).

The APR2P Centre is developing a series of youth-focused webinars on various aspects of R2P to be released periodically on our YouTube channel. The first two involve networking in the atrocity prevention arena, and understanding sexual and gender-based violence in mass atrocity crimes.

Networks for Youth in Atrocity Prevention

Understanding Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Mass Atrocity Crimes (Youth)

Four Steps Closer to World Peace

Four Steps Closer to World Peace is a toolkit with practical tools, histories and knowledge that can facilitate the work of young people working to improve the world they’ll grow old in. It is particularly useful for youth working in atrocity prevention, human rights advocacy, peace-building and peace-keeping, yet it can also be used by anyone hoping to build a peaceful world.

Four Steps Closer is not an exhaustive toolkit, it's a summary of important research, tools and concepts that are essential for everyday peace-building and are applicable to both personal and professional situations.

This toolkit was developed for young people in Myanmar, with the financial and/or in kind support and supervision from  the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, ALTSEAN-Burma, The Middle Path Group(Brisbane) and The Rotary Foundation.

The toolkit is dedicated to all the people who have stopped hoping for a better world and instead have decided to make it happen.

If you are interested in a full Four Steps Closer workshop to support the work of your initiative or organisation, email or

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