Regulating Hate Speech in the Asia Pacific

5 Jul 2021

APR2P, in conjunction with UQ, the University of Sydney and Facebook, have published a report detailing how Facebook regulates hate speech across several cases studies in the Asia Pacific.

The research focused on public LGBTIQ+ pages in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Australia and it was found that most felt they had little or no support from the platform when they were targeted by hate speech.

While the report acknowledges Facebook has improved its capacity to recognise and respond to hate speech and incitement, the platform still needs to better recognise the context-dependent nature of hate speech within the Asia Pacific. 

The report was written by Prof Katharine Gelber, head of the School of Political Science and International Studies here at UQ and Dr Kirril Shields, Atrocity Prevention Grants Manager at APR2P, in collaboration with the University of Sydney and Facebook. 

The report can be downloaded from our Hate Speech and Incitement page and on the APPAP Prevention of Hate Speech and Incitement Working Group page.