AICHR and its role in Atrocities Prevention

6 Apr 2022

A new report by APR2P Research Fellow Dr Lina Alexandra examines the role of ASEAN's Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) and how effecitve it is at preventing atrocity crimes.

The AICHR was established in 2009 with a mandate to promote and protect human rights within ASEAN countries. While the region has seen economic growth and relative stabiliy in the recent years, the region is also riven with tensions and violations of human rights, particularly of minorities, which influence the risks of atrocity crimes.

The report examines AICHR's strengths and weaknesses in upholding its mandate, and provides insight into the potential future direction of the organisation.

The report can be downloaded here (PDF, 916KB), or on the APR2P Reports page.