Japan's First National R2P Dialogue

11 Apr 2022

In February 2022, Japan hosted its first National Dialogue about R2P, in collaboration with APR2P, the Sophia Institute of International Relations, the R2P Network of Japan and APPAP partner Asian Human Community at Waseda University. 

The dialogue aimed to promote public awareness of R2P in Japan, and refine Japan's conceptualisation of responding to humanitarian crises and atrocity crimes. 

R2P has for much of its history been viewed in Japan as synonymous with military intervention and all the controversy that term implies. As such, it is at odds with Japan's focus on human security as its foreign aid priority. 

The dialogue aimed to give Japan reasons to reconsider and deepen its understanding of R2P and inject much needed impetus into Japan's research of R2P.

Details of the dialogue can be downloaded here (PDF, 663KB), from the Japan section on the R2P in the Asia Pacific page, or from the Spotlights on R2P page.