Thailand National Dialogue: Next Steps for Atrocity Prevention in Thailand and Southeast Asia

14 Apr 2022

APR2P, in conjunction with Chulalongkorn University, organised the 2022 Thailand National Dialogue on Atrocities Prevention in Bangkok and online in February 2022.

The Dialogue included over 70 people both in Bangkok and online, and sought to achieve two objectives. The first, to raise awareness of past and continuing atrocity prevention projects in Thailand, and second to assess the Thai government's role in atrocity prevention.

Through keynote speakers and panel discussions, the Dialogue recommended further research, education and awareness raising, and building capacity for atrocity prevention through the building of networks and the engagment of stakeholders. 

The Spotlight article summarising the Dialogue can be read here (PDF, 651KB), or downloaded from the Thailand section of the Responsibility to Protect in the Asia Pacific page.