Risk Assessment: Vanuatu

20 Feb 2024

APR2P has released a new addition to its Risk Assessment series, focusing for the second time on Vanuatu. This Risk Assessment uses the UN Secretary-General's Framework of Analysis to determine the risks of atrocity crimes occurring in the countries under analysis.

For Vanuatu, the report finds that the current risk of mass atrocity crimes occurring is lowThere is an absence of the most significant indicators featured within Risk Factors 4, 5, 7 and 8 (motives, capacity, enabling circumstances and triggering factors), which indicates a low-risk status of atrocity crimes within Vanuatu.

However, concerns remain over political instability and its impact on governance and service delivery, corruption and lack of transparency, poverty and related socio-economic issues such as youth substance abuse, and high rates of gender-based violence along with entrenched gender inequality

 The assessment contains a list of recommendations for stakeholders in the region, and can be read from our Risk Assessments page.