New Projects on Youth and R2P

11 Oct 2022

Two new projects have been conducted by members of the Asia Pacific Partnership for Atrocity Prevention (APPAP) that focus on various ways young people can learn skills in atrocity prevention and peacebuilding. 

The Habibe Center in Indonesia launched "Turning Hate into Love: Empowering Youth for Atrocity Prevention through Participatory Video Training Program". This project gathered 12 young Indonesians and equipped them with videography skills to tell untold stories of persecution in marginalised communities. These skills in turn allowed them to raise awareness in their communities and engage others to make further social change. 

The Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding undertook training of 120 young people in the public housing areas of the Lautoka district in Fiji. Residents of this area face many common problems, including communal conflict, criminal activity and drug abuse. The training helped develop the capacities of young residents to manage conflicts constructively and enable them to be productive members of their community. 

The details of the two projects can be found on our Youth and R2P page under the 'Local Youth Projects' section, along with other details of how young people throughout the Asia Pacific are furthering atrocity prevention.