#ShareItRight: Preventing Hate Speech on Social Media

14 Dec 2021

A group of 20 young people in Indonesia have learned how to combat hate speech on social media through the online workshop #BagikanDenganBenar, or #ShareItRight.

The youth-focused and youth-led workshop was facilitated by Vierna Wensatama and Wike Devi, members of the Youth Core Group on Atrocity Prevention, and supported by APR2P.

Over four days, the 20 participants of the virtual academy were equipped with knowledge and tools to advocate against hate speech that appeared on social media platforms. 

The participants were also given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in mini projects that required them to create an engaging social media campaign targeted towards different stakeholders in Indonesia, such as the government, mass media and NGOs.

At the end of the workshops, participants found their perspectives on hate speech had deepened and had empowered them to become agents of change in the prevention of online hate speech.

More details on the #ShareItRight workshop can be found in the Spotlight article (PDF, 279KB).