The Responsibility to Protect in the Asia Pacific

The Centre conducts research and publishes reports on meetings, workshops and issues relating to the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) in countries throughout the Asia Pacific. In this section, relevant reports relating to R2P can be found for each country in the region, along with overviews and details of relevant partner programs. 

Implementing The Responsibility To Protect In The Asia Pacific - An Assessment of Progress and Challenges (PDF, 5.3MB) aims to provide an assessment of the implementation of R2P as it currently stands for each country in the region. This assessment is based on the Secretary-General's Framework of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes (look under 'Core Documents' on the Resources page for full details). Consequently, future reports will build on the data contained in these assessments to measure the implementation of the R2P principle within each country over time. Thus the long term objective of the Baseline Assessments is to identify, evaluate and develop policies, initiatives and practices that can positively contribute to the implementation of R2P throughout the region and into the future.

The associated technical annex for each country described in this report can be found below.

For enquiries regarding further information on any of the countries listed here, email APR2P's Regional Director Dr. Noel Morada at